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10 Christmas Gifts for the Skateboarder in Your Life

10 Christmas Gifts for the Skateboarder in Your Life

Buying gifts for skateboarders can be a minefield. Thankfully, we've done the hard work for you and put together this guide of the top 10 gifts money can buy...

1. A Christmas Complete

Flatspotted wheels? Delammed board? Popped bearings? Cross-threaded axles. Sounds like it's time for a new set-up. Pick one of our pre-built completes, or build your own from our selection of hardware. 


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2. A New Deck

Top of every skateboarder's Christmas list. We've got hundreds of boards, from Alltimers to Yardsale.

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3. A Toasty Beanie

Winter is cold, get a beanie.  


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4. Some Fresh Socks

With so many holes in our shoes, skateboarders need good socks more than anyone.


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5. Hoods and Jumpers

From keeping you warm, to wiping moisture from the top of ledges. A hoody is a skateboarder's best friend in the winter months. 


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6. A Nice Cuppa

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate. There's nothing like a hot drink after a day spent dodging the rain in carparks and underpasses.


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7. Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

Make getting out of bed easier this winter with a bag of our speciality coffee beans. 


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8. Skate Shoes

Keep your ankles warm and protected with some high-tops. Last Resort shoes are also made with the toughest suede, keeping holes at bay.


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9. Gift Vouchers

Not sure what to buy? We stock gift vouchers in all denominations. Buy your skateboarder a gift card and make sure they don't blow your hard earned cash on pizza and beer.


10. Stocking fillers

"Who's got a tool?" is the second most commonly uttered phrase at the skatepark behind "This try". We can't help you with your lack of commitment to the trick, but we can make sure your board stays in one piece. 


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