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Venture Trucks

Venture were originally launched as a price point truck in the 80's under the Ermico camp which brought both Indy and Thunder to the market.  Upon Venture's release the trucks quickly surged to success in the 'small wheel big pant' era of curb skating.  This was largely thanks to the likes of Gonz riding them and their innovative design which moved the front truck bolts back to the 53mm position, which stopped skaters grinding their hardware into pieces.

Think skateboard owner, Don Fisher, along with Greg Carroll and Keith Cochrane then redesigned the trucks in the early 90's creating a ‘Featherlight’ truck which had a lower profile.  This proved to be the way forward for the ever evolving modern street skater

Although considered a purely street truck, Venture are super versatile and lend themselves to many different terrains.

We stock a range of Venture Trucks, from super small tech trucks to big boy cruiser trucks.

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